A.B. & Paula Gonzales

As husband and wife they have spoken to international groups of Law enforcement trainers as well as academy rookies. As individuals they have presented to churches and church groups. Email us for details on booking our speakers.

Church & Church Group Seminars


This is our flagship seminar. It is a study in Romans 13:1-5. With all the negative spirits in this day and age against government see why the Lord has set authority in place. Understand there are actual faces behind the authority figures not just the ones portrayed in entertainment. See why they are more than just "cops", but ministers of the Lord.


As Soldiers in the Lords army Christians face many battles! Through telling of his own battle and coming out with a victorious testimony,Brian lays out the hope we have in Christ! From King David To Elijah,Brian brings real life lessons from those two great men of old. This seminar will bring hope and confidence to any person struggling with the Battles of this life!

Law Enforcement & EMT Seminars



S.O.S. is the premier presentation for Law Enforcement, EMS, or their academy setting. This raw hard hitting seminar will challenge the emotional,physical and spiritual health of the attendee. S.O.S tackles the many aspects of an officer involved shooting/critical incident. All told by the husband and wife presenters who lived through an-actual incident.


Paula gives her story being a Law enforcement wife and dealing with the many different challenges it brings. Paula offers simple solutions and practical advice on keeping communication alive, keeping a positive attitude and how to prayerfully approach those situations.Married to the Badge is often included with the S.O.S seminar but can be a stand alone seminar.

A Fateful Two Minutes

A. B. Gonzales

An insider’s look at One Midwestern police officer’s brush with death. It’s a story of how through faith and resilience, he and his family over came persecution, threats, and media attacks. A raw story that will take you on a ride through the the mental and emotional strain, as well as tension resulting from an adverse and very demanding circumstance.
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